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The readFileSync () method will read the content of a file synchronously, so your JavaScript code execution will be stopped until the method is finished. Working with XLSX in JavaScript The readFileSync () method accepts two parameters: path - mandatory - which is the relative path to the file you want to read ( string type)
Node.js: Delete Directory. Node JS November 22, 2022November 22, 2022. The fs.rmSync() method is used to synchronously delete a file at the given path. It can also be used recursively to remove the directory by configuring the options object.
3. Recently, I got my first exposure to Node.js by working on a small Express web app for a client. METHOD 2) READ FILE INTO STRING (SYNCHRONOUSLY) 2-readfile-sync.js The above creates a package.json file and installs the Express NodeJS module into the application .
Pub-sub is a way to decouple the two ends of a connection and communicate asynchronously. This setup consists of publishers (pub) and subscribers (sub), where publishers broadcast events, instead of targeting a particular subscriber in a synchronous, or blocking, fashion. The subscribers then consume events from the publishers.